What makes us unique?


DM Dance CO uses a variety of equipment to help improve children’s proprioception skills.

Pom Poms, Scarfs, Ribbons, Umbrella’s, Hats, Bean Bags and Hoola Hoops are used to help cross the midline and improve coordination and body awareness.

Balance Boards, Pilates Balls and Hedge Hogs are used for increased stability, improved posture and core strength.

All DM Dance CO trainers attend an ILT course. This helps our trainers relate and assist children with learning difficulties.

Silk Training


DM Dance CO suspends 2m long silk from a roof or any secure building, tree or pole.

Silk gives children the opportunity to do back rolls, forward rolls and much more…

Silk is a fun way to build children’s core muscles and improve on their spacial and body awareness.

Our trained teachers do silk at least once a year and it is a must see!

DM Dance CO Clothing


DM Dance CO offers a variety of clothing for boys and girls!

Boys recieve a DM Dance CO t-shirt, cap, bag and water bottle as an enrolment kit.

Girls recieve a DM Dance CO shirt, shorts, bag and water bottle as their enrolment kit.

We also have a range of winter uniforms and an exciting new Dance Madness and Dance Mouse Ballerina outfit!